FAQs: The Wine Tunnels

If you don't find the answer to your question here, please contact us on 0203 900 3993 during office hours (Monday to Friday 10am-5pm) or use the Contact page to send us a message.

Is there a minimum charge for storing wine through Wine Tunnels?

There is a minimum annual storage charge of £36

Is it easy to add new items to my inventory?

We aim to make this as easy as we can. Clients simply have new consignments delivered to our bonded warehouse.  

To make things as smooth as possible, we ask that you to let us know of a forthcoming delivery (even if it's months ahead) using Advise Arrival within My Account or drop us an email.

When we receive stock into The Wine Tunnels, we also need an original copy of the invoice from when the stock was bought.  You can send this through Send Valuation in My Account or send it by email to storage@winetunnels.com

Can I move any or all of my wines out of storage whenever I want?

Yes you can. When you are logged in and choose My Account, go to My Stock and select  the items you want to Move or transfer to begin the process.  Or you can contact us by phone during office hours  on 0203 900 3993.

What about insurance?

Insurance is not included in our storage costs or during the delivery of wines to or from our bonded warehouse.

We offer an optional insurance charge to ensure that investment wines are fully covered for replacement value. 

You can order insurance through My Stock, make your selection and choose Insurance to send your order.

Insurance  is charged at 1% of cost per case per annum.  If the stock is not a recent purchase, insurance will be based on a market valuation to ensure that your case(s) is/are insured for full replacement value.

Example:  Cost per case £1500:  Annual insurance  premium:  £15

It is important to note that when we receive stock into The Wine Tunnels, we require a copy of the invoice from when the stock was bought.  You can use the Send Valuation tab within My Account to do this or send it to us by email.

What does “In Bond” mean?

Bonded warehouses provide a system which allows you to defer the payment of duty and VAT until you decide to have your wines delivered outside the bonded warehouse system. This is particularly important if you are buying wines for future resale. When you purchase a wine ‘in bond’, it needs to be stored in a bonded warehouse. We check the provenance and quality of everything entering our warehouses with a rigorous procedure including creating a condition report and photographs for each individual assignment.

What are the tax implications of storing wine with Wine Tunnels ‘In Bond’
  1. When wines are withdrawn from storage, unless exported or transferred to another bonded warehouse, duty and VAT are charged at the prevailing rate on the most recent purchase cost of your wine. 
  2. Wine Tunnels account managers have in depth, current working knowledge of tax issues surrounding the storage and movement of fine wines. We are always happy to offer informed advice to our clients where we can.

The Whisky Tunnels

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