Private Client Accounts

How Private Client Accounts work

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Our service

Wine Tunnels is committed to the highest levels of customer service and we invite phone calls during our office hours, Monday to Friday 10am-6pm on 0203 900 3993.

In addition, this website helps you manage the arrival, storage and onward delivery of your portfolio of fine wines. Read the next section for more about how you can manage your account.

Manage your account

You can do these things when you are logged in to My Account:

1. 'Advise arrival' of a new consignment

  • Use 'Advise arrival' to let us know about the arrival of new additipons to your portfolio.
  • Add a record to help us identify a new delivery at the Bonded warehouse - even if you notify us months in advance.
  • Upload the purchase invoice for your new consignment

2. Land new consignments

  • When new stock arrives, we will identify and personally ensure it is added to your portfolio. 
  • As soon as your addition has been safely stored in the bonded warehouse, it appears in your account's My Stock for you to view and manage.

3. Order condition reports 

  • Go to My Stock, select your items and use 'Condition Report' to be directed to an order form and send your request. 
  • When you have ordered your report, a 'C' will appear beside the item, and we aim to send your report by email within 5 working days.

4. View condition reports

  • As soon as they are received from the warehouse, you can view condition reports you have ordered

5. Insure your wines

  • Go to My Stock, select your items to insure in storage
  • Storage insurance is charged at 1% per year of the current valuation we hold for your selection
  • You can also insure your wine for delivery when you choose to Move any part of your portfolio at 1% of the current valuation.

6. Arrange for collection, transfer or removal of stock

  • Go to My Stock, select the items you want to move and use 'Move or transfer' to set the process in motion.



One off Account Set-up Fee


Per Annum Charge for Storage: 

Minimum charge £36 per year
Please note: storage prices do not include insurance. Optional insurance for wine in storage costs 1% of the total value of the selected wines per year. It's easy to order insurance through My Stock when you are logged in to your account.

Per 12x75cl


Per 6x75cl or less £6.50

Receiving Cases into The Wine Tunnels

A one-off charge per case payable on receipt of cases into the Warehouse. 

Per 12x75cl


Per 6x75cl or less £1.90

Condition Reports

All cases once landed in your account will be photographed. Please note that where the cases are banded they will not be opened as this is likely to de-value and  photos will be taken of the exterior of the case only. You can easily order condition reports through My Stock when you are logged in.

Per item/case – no matter what the size.



Internal Transfer Costs:

A one-off charge per case payable on request for transfer to other Wine Tunnels Accounts:

Per item  £3.50

Indicative Delivery Costs:


Please note that these delivery prices do not include insurance.
If you want your cases insured for delivery it will be charged at 1% of the total value of the wines with a minimum fee of £10. You can order insurance for your delivery at the time your request wine to be moved from the bonded warehouse

Per case

London:  £18
England/Wales: £18
Scotland: £58.80
Bonded Warehouse: £18

We only keep your account code, name and email on our secure webserver. 

Your full client records are kept within the Xero accounting system, certified as compliant with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 which is globally recognized as the premier information security management system (ISMS) standard. 

Read Wine Tunnels Privacy Policy

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